10 days 100 Challenges

10 days 100 Challenges is a unique open innovation program and we welcome everyone who wants to learn about innovation and service design, engage with real-life challenges and to connect with talented individuals and build professional networks.


This year the inspiring themes of the program are Future of work and Sustainability and the business opportunities it brings along. More precise challenges will be created by different companies and cities. In 2019 the challenges will presented by City of Espoo and City of Vantaa, Kesko, Telia, OP and VTT/Luke. The list of the companies and challenges 2019 will be published below. The participants will be working on these real-life challenges in multidisciplinary teams as we have witnessed numerous times that best ideas and concepts are born in teams with participants of various backgrounds.


Time                                           3.6. – 7.6.2019 and 10 – 11.6.2019

Location                                     Harald Herlin learning center, Otaniementie 9, 02150 Espoo

Time                                           12.6 – 14.6. 2019

Location                                     Arabia Campus – Creative Campus, Hämeentie 135 D, 00560 Helsinki


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Here you can find the challenges for 2019:

City of Espoo (forthcoming)

Future Solutions for Modern Production Work by City of Vantaa

Sustainable choices easier for grocery store customers by Kesko

Women in Tech by Microsoft

The future of Work - Design your dream workday by Telia

New Age Insurance for the Gig-Economy era by OP 

Make Banking Better for Foreign and Exchange Students by OP

Reducing singleuse packaging thru food delivery platforms by Clic Innovation, VTT, Luke, Åbo Akademi and LUT


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Who can create a challenge?

  • If you want to publish a challenge on the Open Ecosystem Network and get support from the community to solve your problems, you first need to be registered on the platform. Then you need to contact the Open Ecosystem Network administrator in the Community section. They will create the challenge for you. Search for “admin” in the Community section, and click on “Nokia Admin” to contact and ask for your challenge to be created.


How do I submit an answer/proposal?

  • To contribute to a challenge, first open the challenge page, and then click on the "start proposal" button on the right-hand-side. A new page will appear with different text fields to fill in and attachments to include. You can also link to an existing project you have previously created on the platform. Once you have finished, click on submit.
  • If you save as draft, your submission will not be completed and will not be submitted to the challenge owner.


What happens once I submit?

  • Once you have submitted your proposal, your ‘Challenge Submission Form’ becomes accessible by the creator or the challenge, who can see and edit your proposal. Through the challenge page, only the owner of the challenge can see the different proposals submitted against his/her challenge. It is up to the challenge owner to inform participants about decisions and potential next steps.
  • To note, when you save a submission as draft, it is not submitted to the challenge owner.


Who can see my proposal?

  • The owner of the challenge, the submission review committee, and the Open Ecosystem Network Administrator team are the only ones who can see your proposed ideas and solutions to the challenge.


What happens if my proposal is successful?

  • For each challenge, submission review and selection process is different and the responsibility of the challenge owner. If your project is selected, the owner of the challenge will come back to you with further guidance on the next steps.


What happens if it is unsuccessful?

  • For each challenge, submission review and selection process is different and the responsibility of the challenge owner. If your project is not shortlisted, the owner of the challenge will inform you using the messaging features of Open Ecosystem Network. Your proposed ideas will then be removed/deleted from challenge submissions.