Make Banking Better for Foreign and Exchange Students

OP is looking for ways to better serve foreign and exchange students.
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We at OP are happy to see Finland attract talent and students from all around the world. Together we make a richer and more prosperous country. Being a student without a local bank account in a foreign country can be tricky, especially when you start to settle here and realise Finland’s love of digital banking, payments and identification. However, we banks are lacking the right processes and tools to be great at easily onboarding students that don't speak fluent Finnish or Swedish, or are only in the country for a limited amount of time.  

We want to change this. Help us to help you. How could we improve the onboarding and servicing the students that come to Finland so that in addition to our top-notch education system, you can also enjoy easy digital banking, payments, and other services?

Your concept may be a presentation of slides, an act or a work of art that describes how the improved and best suited bank would work for foreign and exchange students.

Criteria for success:

                - Deliver a concept/pitch of a new service or product that should exist

                - Data and/or interviews to explain why your product would be desirable/useful for the freelancers

Useful resources:

- You can get access to Kristian Luoma from OP, to discuss about the ideas or getting access to people to interview. 


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