Finding communities

This video provides the necessary information to users on how to get the best out of Communities on NokiaPartners - Open communitities. Communities are closed spaces where people working on similar problems across different companies and industries can get together.

It begins at the main menu where you can view all available Communities by selecting "Communities", walks you through the corresponding access types depending on the type of communities created and how users can find the communities they are looking for.

Short introduction to the new “My Dashboard”

The Dashboard contains recommendations of Challenges, Communities, Projects, Partners and Assets chosen just for you. The video shows you how to get the best of this recommended content.

This video also shows you how to navigate through the dashboard to view all your Profile, Messages, Submissions, Challenges, Projects, Communities, Partners and Assets from there. 

Home tab on Community details page for community members

This video walks you through the landing page after successfully logging on to a community. It shows how to create discussion topics as well as how to easily collaborate, respond to and interact with other users.

Other Tabs on the community details page

This Video walks you through how to navigate through the different content areas in a community beginning with the projects tab and then walking you through the, uploads tab (uploading and sharing documents), links, tools, assets, polls, calendars, and members tabs.