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  • See the latest Challenges to find real-life problems that you or your company might be able to solve. You can either pitch an existing product or service or build a new project around your idea. You can also follow interesting challenges to get the latest updates.
  • Browse Projects – they are ventures and innovation projects initiated by fellow members. See if you can find a solution that your company could benefit from, and don’t hesitate to leave questions and feedback! You can also ask to join existing projects to work on them together, or create new ones of your own.
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  • Dig into our Library to find insights and technical documentation to feed your ideas.


About Challenges

Challenges are real-life problems and RFPs published by companies and organisations involved with NokiaPartners - Open communities.

Many of the challenges offer incubation and piloting opportunities or fees for the best proposals. Some are actual procurement needs with substantial budgets behind them.

You can pitch an existing product or service, or start working on a fresh idea.

This is how it works:

  1. Find a challenge that matches your product, service or idea. Follow the challenge to get important updates delivered to you via private messages and email.
  2. Go over the challenge overview as well as any additional resources available on the challenge page. You can also use the challenge page to post questions to the challenge owner.
  3. When you’re ready, you can either submit a proposal right away or create a project that you will then develop into a proposal and submit when you’re done.
  4. You will receive feedback and/or a proposal for next steps within a couple of weeks.


About Projects

The Projects section is where startups, established SMEs as well as independent individuals and teams can develop and showcase their ideas and then submit their finished work for assessment. This is your opportunity to promote your project to companies looking for new suppliers or innovation partners and to individuals looking to collaborate with someone like you.

Projects can be generated independently or they can be associated with specific challenges or communities.

This is how it works:

  1. Create a project or find an existing one that you would like to join
  2. Invite team members, if needed
  3. Work on your project, and document your progress on the project page. The documentation will serve as your project submission once it’s finished.
  4. Submit your finished project for assessment. If your project is associated with a specific challenge, the challenge owner will take care of the assessment. Otherwise your project will be assessed by Nokia.
  5. You will receive feedback and/or a proposal for next steps within a couple of weeks.


About Communities

Communities are closed spaces where people working on similar problems across different companies and industries can ask questions, share discoveries, build on the work of others, test ideas and meet potential new business partners.

As a registered user you can ask to join as many communities as you like. Some of the communities may be closed to members from specific industries, companies or disciplines in order to protect the confidentiality of the discussions.


About Library

The NokiaPartners - Open communities library is a collection of technical documents, innovation booklets, sourcing needs, patents, APIs, product roadmaps and other assets that are free for you to download and to use as a starting point for your own projects and ideas.

The current selection is just a starting point – we're working hard to get a tonne more assets up on the network and ready for the community to start experimenting with.


About data & IP protection

As NokiaPartners - Open communities handles different types of data, security is critical. We take data & IP protection, access rights management, storage and back-ups very seriously. At the same time we want to maximise data sharing, making it open for you to work on and generate new ideas. Providing a secure environment without limiting the access to data is our objective.

Here are our main guidelines:

  • We respect the intellectual property rights of others.
  • The ownership of all intellectual property rights of material posted by you on or through the site will remain vested with you.
  • We expect you to respect the rights of others.
  • No license grant to use for commercial use is given hereof unless explicitly agreed between relevant parties via separate license agreement.
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  • Do not post confidential or otherwise sensitive information.

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