Open Ecosystem Network is an open, cloud based, social & mobile co-creation environment


Built on the principle of data democracy, Open Ecosystem Network shakes up traditional business models and proposes a truly new way of working with different ecosystems from different industries.

Open Ecosystem Network empowers individuals like you to become the next generation of co-creators. 

Developers, subject experts, start-ups, business incubators, universities, budding entrepreneurs – whoever you are, as long as you’re passionate about innovation, want to share ideas and find the right people to develop them with, Open Ecosystem Network is the place to connect: 

  • Discover a world of new opportunities and ideas from the worlds leading brands.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with experts from different industries who offer a wide range of skill-sets and perspectives
  • Build, develop and test your idea with your new team using the tools you know and love.
  • Grow by engaging the right people and organisations for incubation and funding, so you can release your innovations globally and make a real-world impact now.

Open Ecosystem Network accelerates third party collaboration, because time is the currency of the future 

Within Open Ecosystem Network you can explore untapped opportunities and develop new ways of working, access shared data and applications, generate ideas, and exchange and build with each other - now. Our ambition is to accelerate development cycle time and the introduction of breakthrough innovations at scale.

This is a unique environment where innovation can thrive fast.

Sharing data is at the core of Open Ecosystem Network

Use a suite of modules and applications to build your ideas:

  • Library: delve into a collection of technical documents, innovation booklets, sourcing needs, patents, APIs, product roadmaps and other assets that could galvanize your ideas, and derive a value proposition based on these assets.
  • Collaboration mode: start work on your value proposition by connecting with other individuals or corporate R&D employees. Attract others to join your team, create your virtual project environment, store documents and initiate your prototypes.
  • Testing phase: now move your prototype to a virtual or physical testing environment, validate your value proposition, and bring it to the next phase to make it grow.
  • Incubation opportunity: apply for incubation to get funding and access the right services,  transforming your innovation into a business solution.
  • Sourcing module: a way for you to access open ERFx and present your ideas in a faster, more transparent manner.
  • Digital tools: use the latest social, collaboration and workflow tools to build your project and engage with a diverse group of experts to enrich your idea.
  • Challenges: be inspired by innovation challenges created by individuals and partners, and contribute your ideas to current issues.

Introducing a highly secure environment

As Open Ecosystem Network handles different types of data, security is critical. We take data & IP protection, access rights management, storage and back-ups very seriously. We also maximise data sharing, making it open for you to work on and generate new ideas. Providing a secure environment without limiting the access to data is our objective.

Leverage the power of data

Embracing data analytics is a key differentiator; it’s the way to push boundaries and lead the digital revolution. To attract the best developers Open Ecosystem Network uses the technology of tomorrow today. We start with advanced data analytics methods, and continue to deploy cutting-edge applications from our partners.

Are you ready to open up the future?