Smart Payment Watch


About this project

A hybrid smartwatch offers the features of a regular smartwatch (with some connected features) but without a touch display and charging functionality. It is smart because of its Bluetooth connectivity feature but resembles a normal mechanical watch with added functionalities, such as a heart rate tracker and a calorie (burned) tracker.

Consumers, particularly the upper and the business class, have shown great interest in such hybrid smartwatches, as they find less interest in complex smartwatches requiring long charging hours and sound technical knowledge for their optimal usage. 

We are currently seeking funding for a non complex smartwatch. That does not require charging, as its solar and kinetic. Focusing on telling the time and making payments using NFC.The front of the device will be split into two parts, digital display on top and a glass touch pad with built in biometric finger print sensor on the bottom. The device will enable us to create a digital cloud platform that ourselves /others can also use to provide services and solutions. E.g. keyless entry, payment system, e wallet...

We want to offer a Pooling Account for customers in the UK and then later on expand to countries . Consumers, particularly the upper and the business class, have shown great interest in such hybrid smart watches. Therefore, the segment holds a huge growth potential for the players operating in the market.

We are in need of investors to bring this to reality, this is a luxury product hadware that will have aspect of finanacial services. 


Last updated
1 Aug 2020


Our Proposal

Need: which problem(s) does your proposal solve?

Simplifying the users experience of telling the time while reducing the watch concept to a simple state. A device that never needs charging with its own unique operating system giving you services and solutions that make the most out NFC e.g keyless entry, payments..

 This isn't a watch that will monitor your heart rate , but it will be tell you how much money you have. Same time you know that you never need to charge it 


Approach: how does your project solve the problem(s)?

Developing a efficient hybrid movement that will enable the watch to never use an external source of power. 


Alternatives: what other alternatives could solve the problem(s)?

Not using NFC or Bluetooth instead Using sound to transfer data. Partner with a company like LISNR 

Benefits: what are the benefits of your proposal?

Traditional  and tech companies are  approaching the smartwatch industry all the same. Treating watch like they are mobile phone. Forcing too much tech into a device that doesnt need it. We are looking at practicality, efficiency and aesthetics. I believe our watch concept is well balance in all three. 

A watch a dress watch design that's Clean, minimal and elegant . Without the bulk you would expect from your typical smart. 


Advantage: what gives your project the competitive edge?

The technology on this watch has not yet been married in this manner, unique design thats different to the competition.

A high end  device that will be simple to use and easy to maintain. Opening  up a whole new segment in the watch industry. 





Prospective Partners: what might you expect from prospective project partners?

1.2 million to develop the concept and bring it to market. 

Partner with fintech companies and wearables innovators.