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Diagnostic learning machine

About this project

Develop a real time diagnostic learning application that can be used to diagnose patients’ health and suggest further action. The diagnostic parameters are individual to each patient and changes based on real time feeds of patient health status.


Human’s health indicators changes depending on our physiological and morphological given parameters status in time. For example, when you are healthy your Blood pressure, EKG, Oxygen saturation, breathing level … etc are within normal and acceptable range. Any change in these parameters will indicate that you might be developing over time a health-related issue.

Based on the real time parameters feed and symptom assessment the diagnostic need to outline the health shortcomings and suggest best alternative medical care.

These health parameters are individual to patient and changes according to each patient life-style and given conditions, the diagnostic learning application shall deliver health issue and abnormalities type within the diagnostic to doctors assist doctors with best treatments and suggest patients to take immediate action upon their life-style and/or consult proper medical staff based on condition.

Taking into account that other patients health check parameters feed’s, can be added manual at given time and condition.


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6 May 2018


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