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Careal - career organiser

About this project

Careal is a career organiser. We would like to offer a simplifying solutions for those who are struggling with the job-search. We want to give each person who cares about career to manage, control and easily apply all the data used for the job search.

Careal offers a task manager which saves all clicked openings. Now we would like to go further and add analytics and create an AI career advisor.


Need: which problem(s) does your proposal solve?

Job-search mess, lack of control over the application processes, frustration and estrangement.

Approach: how does your project solve the problem(s)?

We are building a web-app which will accumulate all the job-searches around the country and collect all the applied positions in the task manager.

Alternatives: what other alternatives could solve the problem(s)?

The alternative is to get a career advisor, download organising tool and use different web-platforms for the job-search.

Benefits: what are the benefits of your proposal?

We ease up and improve the quality of the job-search.

- fast access to the job-openings from different sources

- user friendly task manager for all your applications

- statistics on your activity

- online job advisor

Advantage: what gives your project the competitive edge?

There is no such a tool existing yet. We combine an organiser, tracker and a job-search web-site in one.

Prospective Partners: what might you expect from prospective project partners?

We are eager to enrich our team with IT specialists and for that we need at least 100000 euro investments.

27 Apr 2018


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