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VISCOPIC - We extend your reality
VISCOPIC is an expert for 3D- and Augmented Reality solutions. Together with industrial corporations the Start-Up develops prototypes in individual projects, evaluates use cases and implements software. As a specialist for AR VISCOPIC not only develops software solutions for general use cases and individual needs - the start-up also consults companies with regard to possible applications of Augmented Reality and supports them with the implementation of the software applications. 
In the past year VISCOPIC has grown into an established expert team with 17 employees, constantly developing innovative Augmented Reality software solutions. As an official partner of Microsoft Mixed Reality, the firm has a significant track record of success, combining technical know-how with economic understanding. 

Individual solutions 
Whether it’s for Trainings, Customer Service or generally accelerating productivity - AR achieves outstanding results in every field of application. It brings numerous advantages in situations where conventional solutions fail to deliver, e.g. when the reaction to dangerous situations should be trained, machines are not available for education, trainings would be too expensive or time consuming or there simply is a need for efficiency. VISCOPIC helps companies in the B2B sector with individual, innovative solutions for AR and the processing of data. This way tailored solutions can be delivered under consideration of the customer’s needs. 
In workshops together with companies, VISCOPIC analyses the individual potential for AR applications, supports the next steps and leads to the destination successfully. Concepts are worked out, prototypes are developed, use cases are evaluated and optimized software solutions are implemented. Considering the customer’s needs, VISCOPIC finds individual solutions for every company.

Project DB - Taking Trains into the classroom
In a Project with Deutsche Bahn, VISCOPIC managed to revolutionize the employee training of the company. A solution with which it’s possible to learn complex maintenance and repair work was developed. With Augmented Reality wearables holograms of switches are projected into the virtual space. This way, the model can be moved, animations can be shown and information can be displayed, to train work on the part of a train track without effort.  Trainees can easily learn how to assemble parts or how to remedy faults. Since Augmented Reality extends the real surroundings with additional information, useful content can be embedded in the field of view of the user. Embedded informations like step-by-step manuals enable easier repair work. 

VISCOPIC platform
Not only individual cases are a service of VISCOPIC. By analysing various customer examples, recurring patterns were recognized. This triggered a new idea: the young enterprise used experiences from individual use cases to develop a new software with which customers can easily generate AR-content themselves. The system lets the user create AR-Workflows without any basic knowledge in programming. With their product, VISCOPIC gives both AR-beginners as well as experts a tool for rapid AR-prototyping and scalable content creation. The start-up built a platform that enables customers to generate Augmented Reality content for only a fraction of the previous cost. 

VISCOPIC Steps, Pins and Polygons are the first software products from a range of 3D- and Augmented Reality applications that can be expected 2019.

VISCOPIC PINS - Generating AR content without programming skills
With VISCOPIC Pins the start-up succeeded in finding a way to make designing Augmented Reality content for mobile devices possible for everyone. The Windows application allows to project generated virtual information precisely onto real objects and infrastructures. Thereby, VISCOPIC Pins supports processes in various fields such as production, quality management, maintenance, repair, installation or training.

VISCOPIC Steps - Creating interactive 3D-trainings and -manuals easily
VISCOPIC Steps offers the opportunity to create interactive 3D-training content or -animations and to use them as working manuals or trainings for employees in the areas above. The intuitive and comprehensible Windows application allows that mechanical processes can be learned time- and location independent without real machines.

VISCOPIC Polygons - Bringing data intensive CAD-models on the Hololens
VISCOPIC Polygons enables the user to convert 3D-models from CAD to mesh and automatically removes non-relevant or very small parts. Hence, the software permits streaming big 3D-models as holographic content onto AR wearables, like the Microsoft hololens, without having to worry about the limited processing power of data glasses.