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The OpenDataSoft platform is a cloud-based data publishing solution that lets users share their data easily via APIs. Cities, transportation providers, government administrations, utility companies, and other private-sector companies use the platform in order to publish, visualize, and share data in order to break down silos and facilitate their reuse. Data become easily understandable thanks to charts, tables, search, filtering, and mapping features. In turning all datasets into APIs with aggregation, faceting, query, and real-time capabilities, data can be reused in applications and new services that create new or improve services in the Smart City. In addition, the platform has unique data distribution features via its sub domain capabilities. These allow data producers to much more easily publish their data and other content and push them to a parent domain with, for example, greater visibility in order to further improve the circulation and access to data.

One of the platform’s main goals is to serve as a central hub for data, to help build a data network. This would include Smart City and IoT data, in addition to government data and the data generated by citizens. It is only with the widest possible diversity of data that true data ecosystems can be created to maximize the possibilities of building innovative solutions to improve our cities and communities.

In the Smart City, more data than ever before are being created by sensors and smart citizens themselves. Their potential, however, lies in their ability to be understood, shared, reused and turned into services, such as new applications communicating air quality, or reporting real-time bus arrivals. OpenDataSoft’s platform serves as a Smart City hub to process and standardize all of these data to allow them to interoperate and generate true value for the Smart City. The platform automates the collection of data, helping to save time. The platform is used by governments and the private sector, including energy and water utility companies, and transportation providers. This diversity of data allows for a true network of data to be created, which can then lead to more innovative solutions to the challenges facing our cities, such as real-time transit apps, or other monitoring solutions.

Over 180 customers in 18 countries use the OpenDataSoft platform. Users that have chosen OpenDataSoft for their Open Data and internal data-sharing projects include the City of Paris, the Portuguese Ministry of Health, the French and the Swiss National Railways, Indigo, ICADE, Schneider-Electric, Enedis, Vallourec, Air Liquide, Veolia, Saint-Gobain, cities and towns in the Research Triangle (North Carolina, USA), Salinas (USA).