SEEDNODE - Intelligent and independent sensor computers

HitSeed Oy


HitSeed is an agile development partner for revolutionary IoT needs. HitSeed’s intelligent and independent sensor computers are designed and optimized for “beyond-the-edge” computing directly at the sensors.

Our sensor computers are designed to collect, analyze and store huge amounts of sensor data completely autonomously using on-board data analytics, minimizing the need for data transfer and reliance on external infrastructure. Solutions based on our sensor computers operate years on batteries and are reprogrammed wirelessly, so they do not require physical interaction, interruptions, or software installations. 

Our platform minimizes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and enable superior, evolving product experience in various B2C and industrial domains. Some recent use cases for our sensor computers include smart logistics, intelligent indoor location tracking, gesture recognition based on multimodal sensor fusion, and sensor-based “virtual twin” analytics for industrial equipment.