Edge Signal

Edge Computing Simplified
Canada (CA)

Manage the complexities of evolving edge infrastructures—effortlessly—with EdgeSignal.

EdgeSignal is an abstraction layer on technological and organizational complexities of Edge Infrastructure. It also makes building and operating edge applications much easier. EdgeSignal provides toolsets to manage network connectivity whether it is 5G or WiFi or any other, it also provides toolset to connect thousands of remote on-prem systems out of box.

Application developers can create solutions, including edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), data aggregation, etc. from a variety of sources without having in-depth knowledge of edge computing and its complexities. Our platform makes building edge applications seamless, scalable, and secure.

The heart of the Edge Signal platform is a single pane of glass management system with advanced monitoring, alert, log, metric and remote-control capabilities. The Edge Signal platform enables devices and gateways to be controlled, made more secure, and updated without costly on-site technicians or remote hands.

We help our customers reduce time-to-market for their applications and optimize their operational resources. EdgeSignal makes it easy to overcome organizational challenges as well to coordinate between multiple external and internal groups to oversee all that complicated and distributed operations.

Benefits of using EdgeSignal:

  • Faster time-to-market: Save on development time, and allocate all your resources to the development of your business application NOT underlying infrastructure
  • Quality service with less resources: Operational efficiency and immediate visibility of all devices and their resources with a powerful, continuously evolving platform.
  • Easy to operate: Robust and secure infrastructure with zero-touch customer & device onboarding and service deployment, easy-to-upgrade services, and built-in security.

All documentation, case studies, product features and details can be reached from: https://www.edgesignal.io/