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Databuoy offers ShotPoint acoustic gunshot detection system. ShotPoint uses multiple sensors that continuously sense the acoustic environment and collaborate to detect and locate the source of gunfire. ShotPoint reports time and location of shots and in some cases trajectory and caliber of the bullet.

Our Story

Databuoy evolved from defense research to public service.

Databuoy was founded in 2006. Our name comes from our early work with the US Navy. The nautical term, Data Buoys, refers to a network of sensors moored in the ocean that support passing ships. Our sensor networks are land-based, but similarly “moored” to persist, sense and serve passers by.

Our technology is founded on a decade of research, development and testing sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Army and Navy. In 2013, Databuoy turned its focus on public safety. Our first indoor live fire test at a school happened in 2014. Indoor and outdoor range testing and system refinement continued for years. An extensive library has been collected on our unique sensor hardware with tens of thousands of rounds fired and millions of hours of sensor operations.