We believe Products and Industries should be built around People for Efficiency and Safety
Austria (AT)
AMB Human Centric AI

AMB develops the most precise and robust AI-based technologies and products for the detection, reconstruction, and measurement of human bodies. Our technology provides an intelligent eye for any camera and any platform. The technology is based on image recognition and neural networks created by different algorithms. It addresses all industries related to the human body, such as fashion, health, medicine, working safety, and ergonomics.

Easy and cost-efficient mass scan applications, harmonized, and synthesized data are the significant steps to acquire the first data set of correct physical body measurements. The main idea is to create a platform for Computer Vision and Data Science. AMB-technology gets behind every camera and gives it an intelligent eye for people, in fashion, interactive spaces for a man and machine collaboration, or applies precise scanning and measurements in VR/AR Avatar business.

Different algorithms and approaches - serve the cognition platform. The significant advantage is the recognition of a person in a picture, outlines, volumes, measurements, and size with pixel accuracy from 2D footage as well. It means that algorithms require no 3D camera nor any sensors. The aim is to work as independently of devices and platforms as possible what brings an advantage of price and easy usability.