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3GSolar Photovoltaics Ltd


Who We Are
3GSolar is a global leader in Dye Solar Cells (“DSC”), a printed photovoltaic cell that supplies energy under conditions where others cannot.  Our products power indoor electronics and sensors, revolutionizing wireless devices by eliminating the need to ever replace batteries and making them truly maintenance-free. Our mission is to be the leading PV energy solution for powering wireless electronics.

Our company is based in Israel (Jerusalem) with a team of eight, an R&D and pilot manufacturing line and 21 patents on product design, processes and materials.

The Problem 
There are billions of wireless devices and sensors around the world and many of them use perishable batteries which are harmful to the environment and costly to replace.  Cost is especially significant for the many wireless devices in hard to reach locations.

Standard PV technologies are not well-matched to wireless / IoT indoor applications.  Silicon solar cells perform poorly under indoor and other low-light conditions.  Compound Semiconductor III-V PV like gallium arsenide is efficient but much too expensive for wireless electronics.

Our Solution
3GSolar DSC is the lowest cost high-efficiency PV technology for wireless electronics. 
Integrating 3GSolar cells into wireless devices means no need for changing or charging batteries.  The DSC has reliable power output in a whole range of lighting conditions, including indoor fluorescent or LED lighting and shaded outdoor light.  3GSolar cells can be sized, colored and fit to the shape of the electronic device for aesthetic design.

The 3GSolar product can be applied in many electronics markets including Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), smart sensors like thermostats and lighting sensors, wireless surveillance cameras and security sensors, tracking devices and beacons, portable medical and sports devices, sensors for agriculture, smart door locks and wearables. Above all, 3GSolar DSC is the energy solution for Internet of Things (IoT) which is billions of devices and sensors connected to internet by low power radio.

Technology Platform
3GSolar created a technology platform that can incorporate various PV materials.  This includes dyes used in our current products and Perovskite for next-generation product.

DSC works with photoactive dye that collects light and converts it to electric current. The PV cells are made by an inexpensive printing process with low environmental impact when compared to other technologies.  Although long studied in research labs, it is 3GSolar that solved key technical issues for commercializing DSC technology with high performance and durability which are optimized for electronics products.

Alongside its DSC product launches, 3GSolar is involved in R&D of perovskite. Solar cells based on perovskite-structured compounds as the light-harvesting layer have seen the fastest progress in power efficiency of any material in the history of PV.

3GSolar Perovskite R&D creates a pipeline of next-generation photovoltaics of yet higher power, providing energy solutions for even broader ranges of wireless electronics.

First Product Sales
3GSolar is now supplying its cells to European and USA companies manufacturing sensors and beacons, and we have a contract with Israel Aerospace Industries. In parallel, 3GSolar is in discussions with multinational electronics corporations from Asia.

Product features
-    Printed PV cell size from 5 cm2 to >200 cm2, designed to the dimensions of customer wireless products
-    Range of colors available
-    Range of transparencies available
-    Meets electronics reliability specifications
-    Unlike batteries, DSC never requires replacement. 
Lasts the lifetime of the device in which it is integrated.

-    3GSolar DSC is the lowest cost high-efficiency PV technology with proven durability for wireless electronics 
-    Our products revolutionize wireless devices by making them truly maintenance-free
-    Backed by 21 patents, 3GSolar created a technology platform for ever higher performing energy solutions
-    We build strong partnerships with technology centers, electronics manufacturers and customers worldwide