3D interactive AB

3D interactive AB


What do we do?

Viewed from the lens of a smartphone, a new world emerges when we take 3D content and augment it on top the real world, building a more engaging customer experience.

The experience could be Activated by printed triggers in your marketing material or by Geo specific triggers that only appear when the customers enters your area or store.

If you want to fully immerse your customers in the content, we provide a completely virtual world where you are in charge. Building a world where your imagination is the limit. 


Combining vast expertise in the field with the latest software and technology we ensure a smooth experience. Building on open frameworks allows for multi platform applications where your customer have access across devices.

Working with industry standard applications we can take your data and import it to whatever format needed or we produce new material to your specifications.

The content can then be viewed via a smartphone or a VR headset.


In an ever-growing digital world it is hard to stand out from the digital noise. With Augmented reality you increase your customers retention through providing engaging and interactive content that keep your customers attention for longer. Maximize your assets through tying the content to existing marketing material or let customers activate it in a specific location to drive sales in your area.

Work with your data in new ways. By presenting or visualising your idea in 3D you gain new insights and help you get to the right decision faster.

In Virtual reality you have your customers full attention where he or she is fully immersed in a digital world where you decide what happens.

With powerful analytics you can measure your return of investments and grow your marketing strategy from where it counts.