What can you expect to find on the platform now?

Open Ecosystem Network is the place for you to access a suite of tools and applications to build your project. Currently you can:

  • Browse our library of assets to find the ones that suit your idea, and derive the value proposition based on these assets. Access and read white papers. In the future you will be able to access: technical documentation, innovation booklets, sourcing needs, patents, APIs, product roadmaps etc.
  • Connect seamlessly with other individuals or corporations, R&D employees, and benefit from a wide range of skill-sets and a diverse array of backgrounds.
  • Collaborate in a virtual and secured project environment, either by creating your virtual project or contributing to projects shared by the community.
  • Submit your own projects in response to challenges and bring your ideas to the problems faced by the community.
  • Use the latest user friendly social media tools to build the team you need for your project and engage with a diversity of experts to enrich your idea
  • Benefit from a virtual testing environment, to validate your value proposition taking it to the next phase and making it grow.

What can you expect to come soon on the platform?

Additional features are planned and will be available soon, such as the opportunity for incubation; to get funding and access to a set of services so you can transform your innovation into a business impact and a sourcing module, which will be a way for you to access open eRFX and provide your ideas much faster and in a more transparent manner.

Who can contribute?

The Open Ecosystem Network environment is actively growing a vibrant community made of a diverse network of experts allowing our users to benefit from a wide range of skill-sets and perspectives.  

The ambition is to capture our partners’ external ecosystem and onboard different communities including subject matter experts, startups and business incubators, who are eager to collaborate with our users and bring new innovation ideas and sources of value.

How can you contribute?

Based on the principle of data democracy, the Open Ecosystem Network offers a truly new way of working.

Visit our library

Clicking on the “Library” link of the top menu bar or on “Visit the Library” button of the homepage, gives you access to a collection of assets. Dig into our white papers to find the ones that fit your idea.

As sharing data and applications is at the heart of the Open Ecosystem Network platform, we will load more content on a regular basis, such as technical documentation, innovation booklets, product roadmaps, sourcing needs, patents, APIs, … we collectively call these resources “assets”.

Our asset owners have given network members permission to access, download and use these assets to create real products. So don’t forget to register to the platform!

Join our community

With Open Ecosystem Network, we want to empower individuals like you to become the next generation of co-creators.

Whether you are a developer, a subject matter expert, a start up, a business incubator, a university…, as long as you are passionate about innovation and want to share an idea and find the right people to build with, Open Ecosystem Network is the place for you to connect.

Click on “Community” link on the top menu bar to navigate through a wide range of individuals and companies. Once you register, and join the Network, you can contact the people you need to bring your idea to the real world directly.

Create your own project or contribute to others’

Clicking on the “Projects” link of the top menu bar allows you to browse through the available projects. Once you register, you can join project teams and contribute with your expertise and ideas. You can also create your own project. Just click on the “Create” link on the right hand side of the homepage, close to your login name, and start!

The Open Ecosystem Network brings product development into focus. By opening up our ideas to the community we believe that there are greater opportunities to learn, develop, fail and succeed. We help you to build project teams born from ideas, not industry or discipline. Guided by lean start-up principles, your project team can get real-time feedback from industry experts, incubation specialists, cross-sector brands and the wider innovation community.

Solve our challenges

You can access and answer the different challenges posted on the platform by clicking on the “Challenges” link of the top menu bar. Once you register, you can decide to take part in a dedicated challenge or several challenges.

Our partners are ready to invest in your solutions. Open Ecosystem Network provides a unique opportunity for individuals and start-ups to pitch solutions to companies that would otherwise be inaccessible. A response to a challenge is an opportunity to bring creative thinking to life. We want you to build a team, pitch a solution and partner with market leaders.

Send us your feedback

At any time, you can contact us and help us shape the future of the platform through your own insight, suggestions and ideas. For this, click on the top on “send us your feedback” link or in the footer “support” link.

What are the basic rules to follow?

As Open Ecosystem Network handles different types of data, security is a key aspect. The main objective is to open and share information to a maximum extent, so you can work with it and generate new ideas. But elements like data & IPR protection, access rights management, storage and backups, need to be taken very seriously. Providing a secured environment without limiting the access to data is the clear proposal of Open Ecosystem Network.

Here are our main guidelines:

  • We respect the intellectual property rights of others.
  • The ownership of all intellectual property rights of material posted by you on or through the site will remain vested with you.
  • We expect you to respect the rights of others.
  • No license grant to use for commercial use is given hereof unless explicitly agreed between relevant parties via separate license agreement.
  • Do not submit content that is unlawful, offensive, pornographic or harassing.
  • Do not post confidential or otherwise sensitive information.
  • Read, accept and follow our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How to get the best out of the platform.

Based on the principle of data democracy, the Open Ecosystem Network offers a truly new way of working. We are convinced that sharing data is the way to accelerate development cycle time and to create value.

Help us shape the future of the platform through your own insight, suggestions and ideas. To get the most out of this platform, register and complete your profile indicating areas of interest; answer our challenges; create your own project when you have a value proposition to share; reach out to a community manager to help with collaboration around your project and engage with others.

This is your platform, so use it and leverage it for the benefit of your innovation.

Who owns the platform?

Nokia is the founding partner of the Open Ecosystem Network. But we aim to attract external partners from other industries to help us shape the platform. The Open Ecosystem Network’s ambition is to become a co-creation environment run by an alliance of iconic brands and combining their ecosystems. This approach will create a multiplying effect where various ecosystems are crossing, sharing and exchanging with each other.

So are you ready to open up to unleash the future with us?