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Telia 5G Finland Urban Challenge

Telia 5G Finland Urban Challenge
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How data, crowd analytics and AI will change the way we will use public transport?


We are looking revolutionary ways to utilize crowd insights data and super fast data communications to illustrate how personal transport could be organized in future.


How would you change or improve Helsinki transport system, so that it would suit for you better or it would serve everybody’s needs better?


Resources and scope

- The playground: Jätkäsaari public transport - The data: Crowd insights data from Telia mobile network - Open data: The challenge can be combined with the open data provided by Helsinki city and Forum Virium - The future: Opportunities of 5G for public transport - Check out:


Criteria for success:

•Superb visualization and design of data and results •Use of AI to use data for customer friendly outcome •Innovational and unexpected results:)   Data for the challenge

Crowd insight data from Telia Mobile Network

- 1 day of footfall data with hourly resolution
- Jätkäsaari + Ruoholahti area
- Data is delivered only for participating studyent teams and can be used only for this student excercise.
Helsinki open data links will be provided for the teams


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