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Increasing awareness of the benefits of AI

In this challenge, we ask you to come up with ways to bring forward information that will help people get the most out of AI. The aim is to explain, and explore, the ways in which AI can improve our society.
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The core concept is to enable more people to benefit from AI by spreading information.

Come up with some way to showcase the upsides and the realistic downsides of AI. We want to increase the awareness of what it can and cannot do. This requires that people know about what kind of things it can help with, and what are the downfalls.

We hope to see concepts that are well defined and can actually be implemented. The focus of the proposal can be more on the benefits, on breaking wrong assumptions, or just showcasing the practical ways in which AI can impact people's lives. We are looking for something tangible, not only the information to be spread.

For the submission, we ask you to

  • Define the aspects that you see the most important to bring forward
    • Keep the focus on getting the most benefit out of AI
    • Don't forget to give some insight of your choices
  • Make a plan on how to bring these things forward
    • What is the target audience of your solution?
    • How's the audience engaged / what will catch their attention?
    • What practical steps would be needed for realizing your idea?
  • As a bonus question, what are you most enthusiastic about when it comes to AI?

The teams with the best proposals might get the change to implement the solution with the AAIS team next fall!


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Who can create a challenge?

  • If you want to publish a challenge on the Open Ecosystem Network and get support from the community to solve your problems, you first need to be registered on the platform. Then you need to contact the Open Ecosystem Network administrator in the Community section. They will create the challenge for you. Search for “admin” in the Community section, and click on “Nokia Admin” to contact and ask for your challenge to be created.


How do I submit an answer/proposal?

  • To contribute to a challenge, first open the challenge page, and then click on the "start proposal" button on the right-hand-side. A new page will appear with different text fields to fill in and attachments to include. You can also link to an existing project you have previously created on the platform. Once you have finished, click on submit.
  • If you save as draft, your submission will not be completed and will not be submitted to the challenge owner.


What happens once I submit?

  • Once you have submitted your proposal, your ‘Challenge Submission Form’ becomes accessible by the creator or the challenge, who can see and edit your proposal. Through the challenge page, only the owner of the challenge can see the different proposals submitted against his/her challenge. It is up to the challenge owner to inform participants about decisions and potential next steps.
  • To note, when you save a submission as draft, it is not submitted to the challenge owner.


Who can see my proposal?

  • The owner of the challenge, the submission review committee, and the Open Ecosystem Network Administrator team are the only ones who can see your proposed ideas and solutions to the challenge.


What happens if my proposal is successful?

  • For each challenge, submission review and selection process is different and the responsibility of the challenge owner. If your project is selected, the owner of the challenge will come back to you with further guidance on the next steps.


What happens if it is unsuccessful?

  • For each challenge, submission review and selection process is different and the responsibility of the challenge owner. If your project is not shortlisted, the owner of the challenge will inform you using the messaging features of Open Ecosystem Network. Your proposed ideas will then be removed/deleted from challenge submissions.