Deliver an extraordinary 5G experience

“Deliver an extraordinary 5G experience” with Nokia in Hungary!
Demonstrate how 5G low latency makes a difference! Our 5G sales team invites you to submit the coolest 5G application/use cases to be deployed in Hungary.
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5G offers low latency for everybody!

One of the main features of 5G is the very low latency compared to other radio technologies.
It will bring a lot of benefits for a wide range of users in private and commercial surroundings.
But many people don’t know, what exactly is meant by "low latency".
This condition is maybe a blocking point in their mindset, which could be possible with 5G, which was not possible in former radio technologies before.

What are we looking for?

How to make 5G low latency visible and able to be experienced?
Nokia is looking for partners that can offer innovative applications/5G use cases proposals that are relevant to Hungary context and can be deployed locally.
The proposals can include devices and applications and should include preferably a prototype or commercially available solutions description.

The 5G use cases can be broadly separated into 3 major categories,

•    eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband)
•    mIoT (massive IoT)
•    URLLC (ultra-reliable low latency communications)

As such, we target 5G use cases around the following areas of, but not limited to, as follows: 

1.    Media and Entertainment

  VR360 Event Experience
   4/8K Video Broadcasting
   In-Bus Entertainment

2.    Industry 4.0

    Video Analytics – quality inspection
    Connected robotics
    Enhanced Maintenance/repair
3.   Smart Cities

    Retail VR
    Traffic Management
    Navigation AR

What’s in it for you?

Be of part of the Nokia 5G story and participate in pilots and commercial deployments with us and our Customers!


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