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An AI solution for students

Develop a concrete AI application that can be used in the everyday life of a student, be it a time management system or a personal AI coach. Focus on the practical: the Aalto AI Society will make the best ideas a reality!
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The life of a student can be stressful, there’s so much going on every day. Some tasks, like planning your timetable, choosing courses or prioritizing study topics take a lot of the students’ time, and could be made easier and faster with the help of an AI. Often just finding what courses are available in your school takes too much time, making students miss interesting opportunities.

We ask you to develop a concrete AI solution that will improve some aspect of the student life. We are interested in developing these solutions, so it’s good to concentrate on the practical aspects also, including implementation of the AI and data acquisition. We do not require a ready algorithm however; a well-structured concept is enough.

Some key questions that might guide the process (not necessary to answer all though):

  • How’s the student’s life improved?
  • How is the solution implemented? (Mobile app, website, integrated to some school system?)
  • Why/when would a student start to use the system?
  • What is the target group? (All students, students of a specific major etc.)
  • Is it easily advertised?
  • What is the role of the AI?
  • What kind of data is needed for developing and running the AI?
  • Where can this data be collected from?
    • If data comes from the system itself, how will it work before much learning data is acquired?
  • What AI technique/architecture could be used for the solution?
  • You can produce a slide show, a video or just a text document about the concept. A demo can also be created, it can often showcase a concept quite well.

If we like your solution, we might invite you to implement it in the fall of 2018 with the AAIS team! The implementation will likely be open source.


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