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Smart Factory


You are Invited to Vertical Sector 5G Application Market Partnership Opportunity

It is predicted that by the end of 2035; 5G and related technologies will create an economic value of 13.2 trillion dollars on a global scale and 4.7 trillion dollars of this will be in the production sector.

With this foresight, the 5G@EndTech program was prepared to develop the 5G Ecosystem in our country and to create manufacturing industry technology solutions. The 5G@EndTech Program was established under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, in cooperation with the Presidential Investment Office, KOSGEB and TÜBİTAK TÜSİDE, private sector representatives who provide communication and infrastructure, and Türk Telekom, and Arçelik, which provides the requirements and infrastructure of the manufacturing industry.

This program; It aimed to develop products and solutions for the manufacturing industry of 5G initiatives in Turkey and to support the commercialization and globalization processes of these products. While it is expected to develop products or solutions for the following application areas in the program, benefits such as training, mentoring and financial support will be provided to startups. Live field application tests will be carried out with the initiatives, and activities will be organized where they present the products and solutions, they have developed to sector representatives.

You can apply to take your place in the 5G@Endtech program with your products and solutions.

Official contributors

Program benefits

PoC Deneme

Training Programs

A mini-training, orientation support, where the information required to apply for production site, entrepreneurship and KOSGEB support will be transferred.


Mentoring support from the managers and technical leaders of the program stakeholders in the fields of technology, field applications and business development.

PoC Trial

Opportunity to conduct concept trials in real field application for startups that can develop solutions for determined application areas (usecases)

Financial support

Financial support from KOSGEB (provided that the appropriate conditions are met) to cover the costs necessary to make a PoC trial

Promotion and Networking

Inclusion in the wide connections of the program stakeholder institutions in Turkey and abroad, and promotion and awareness support through various methods

Commercializa-tion and Investment

Access to investors for startups that have successfully completed the PoC process, especially to the program stakeholder institutions, sales to corporate companies, joint product/ technology development and ventures seeking investment

Scope of application

5G Connected KARTACA

Ensuring integration with systems by connecting software installation boxes to electronic cards to the network via 5G.

Travel and Occupational Inspection Robot

Providing occupational health and safety inspections and factory tours with a sightseeing robot.

Counting with Drone

Ensuring product or material counting with 5G connected drones.

Counting with AGV Style Device

Ensuring product or material counting with AGV-style devices with 5G connection.

Security Tour with Drone

The ability of drones using 5G infrastructure to detect risky situations by taking security tours in campus areas.

Smart Sampling

5G connected device design that will take part in the product identification processes to be fixed on the products on the production line.

Indoor Positioning

Instant tracking by mapping all kinds of moving and fixed objects in the factory on the factory layout.


You can apply from this section with your different solutions that are outside the other 7 application areas and that you think you can implement with the support of the project stakeholders.