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The API exposure in 5G


Two Nokia experts started an interesting conversation about API exposure in 5G. What are the key new use cases that the new 5G networks will enable and how these are connected to new service creation ideas? 5G Network exposure capabilities have significant differences compared to 4G. Developers must be aware of these new capabilities to participate in this creation process. Industry verticals, and enterprises have different needs which the flexible API ecosystem embraces with abstracted API sets and new business models.


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For open collaboration to be enabled, it requires a platform where information can be shared and messages can be exchanged knowing that, in the background, the information and ideas are protected.

Marco Barulli, CEO Bernstein


I appreciate to have such a platform to easily engage with the ecosystem, to introduce new challenges to the community and get a quick feedback, and using it for opportunities to go to market as well.

Matthias Jablonowski, Nokia Global Practice Lead – Transportation Sales