NokiaPartners - Open communities is an open co-creation environment originally initiated by Nokia. Our goal is to bring together the most ambitious companies and brightest individuals to help them innovate and grow their businesses bigger, better and faster.


The biggest ideas are built together

Bringing great innovations to life is rarely a solo performance. Coming up with truly groundbreaking ideas requires working alongside others and building on existing products, technologies and ecosystems.

That’s why we believe that industry-leading R&D resources, ingenious insights or real-life innovation needs should not be kept behind closed doors. It is only through openness and collaboration that we can unleash the full potential of both the brightest minds and the most ambitious companies in the world.

Our mission is to accelerate the pace and elevate the quality of technological innovation, together.


What is NokiaPartners - Open communities?

NokiaPartners - Open communities is a free-to-use open innovation environment. It is centered around connecting companies of different sizes and individuals of diverse talent to share their real-life problems, insights, assets and innovative solutions.

We want to facilitate encounters and create business opportunities that might otherwise not have happened. In practise, this could mean things like:

  • a startup getting to pitch their product to a huge global brand,
  • an ISV finding a new market for their bespoke industry-specific solutions or
  • two individuals of different backgrounds coming together to develop a shared passion project.

With Nokia as the founding partner, much of NokiaPartners - Open communities’s current offering is related to connectivity technologies. However, the plan is to bring on more core partners from different industries. In the meantime you can engage with the dozens of interesting organisations in our network.


Who should join?

As long as you’re passionate about innovation and technology, and willing to share your ideas and find the right people to develop them with, NokiaPartners - Open communities is for you.

You will find the platform especially useful if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Pitching your existing products or services or new, innovative ideas to large companies
  • Partnering with experts from different industries, disciplines and backgrounds to build new ventures
  • Participating in joint R&D efforts with other companies and individuals working on the same topics as you
  • Making use of the business ecosystems of other companies to scale up your own business and create new opportunities
  • The global megatrends of our time and how to tackle them with technology: environmental issues, urbanisation, shifts in economic power, demographic and social change…
  • Topics like the internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, green tech, virtual reality, smart cities, green tech and smart traffic
  • Technologies related to networks, cloud computing and telecom

We welcome:

  • R&D professionals
  • budding entrepreneurs
  • software developers
  • sales & marketing professionals
  • business development professionals
  • individual inventors
  • academics and students
  • business incubators
  • all other innovative individuals, whether representing established companies, start-ups, other organisations or just themselves.

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How does it work?

For an overview of the basic features of NokiaPartners - Open communities, please visit About > How it works.


Who owns the platform?

Nokia is the founding partner of NokiaPartners - Open communities, but the goal is to have the platform run by an alliance of corporate brands.

Combining several innovation ecosystems from different industries will further accelerate the benefits gained through opening up and sharing assets and ideas.



Please don’t hesitate to contact us through About > Contact us.


About Nokia

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