Altiplano Application Marketplace​

The Altiplano Application Marketplace is industry’s first app marketplace for broadband network automation. It contains a catalog of ready-made applications with theme-based classification. The marketplace enables to find innovative solutions from Nokia and 3rd party partners that increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience.

Network Automation

Automate and optimize network, service and subscriber operations to increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience. ​

  • Subscriber activation​
  • Bandwidth management​
  • Network operations

Optimize & Automate

Network Insights

Improve quality and service assurance with actionable insights that help operators to better optimize, plan and prevent

  • Anomaly detection
  • Capacity planning
  • Quality assurance

Predict & Plan

Network Support

Maintain, troubleshoot and protect fixed networks through pro-active monitoring, performance analysis and incident management

  • Pro-active monitoring
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Automated problem resolution

Care & Protect