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Yodiwo is an international leader and technology innovator delivering IoT Solutions and Services. It powers a state of the art IoT platform ideal for the development and deployment of enterprise solutions and comes with a marketplace comprising of solutions covering the following main application verticals:
•    Smart cities / Smart infrastructure (Lighting, Waste, Parking, Air quality monitoring, etc.)
•    Smart buildings (Facility & Energy management, soft services, etc.) 
•    Digital retail (computer vision for in store insights)
•    Maritime (computer vision analytics)
•    Automotive
•    Smart home
The platform provides a unique combination of tools and technologies allowing the coverage of a wide spectrum of IoT development needs.  Yodiwo’s ADEP platform consists of the following main components:

   Emerald – THE GUI CREATOR
Emerald is responsible for the creation of effortless interactive and vibrant visualizations (analytics, business intelligence, etc.) without coding. UI’s are responsive, scaling to any screen and can be embedded into websites or mobile apps. 
Cyan makes the life of IoT developers easy by offering a visual IoT application development environment and full device management capabilities. Emerald interfaces seamlessly with Cyan to provide a comprehensive development suite for IoT applications.
The brain of Yodiwo’s IoT platform which orchestrates and bridges your digital world: devices, analytics, storage systems, third party cloud services or platforms and more.
Either as a Software installed in your edge computing system or as an IoT Gateway device, it brings the power of Alcyone at the edge and helps connect and collect data from devices and sensors in a secure and scalable way, providing also important device management features (OTA, plugin extensions, etc.).
Currently Yodiwo is headquartered in Sweden with a significant R&D footprint in Greece and has global sales presence through its growing network of partners. 

Why Yodiwo?
Yodiwo’s customers can take advantage of the following key business, operational and strategic benefits to empower and accelerate their IoT strategy in a sustainable manner:
•    Improve the return on investment (ROI) & of Time to market (TTM)
Yodiwo’s toolset allows for a significant shortening of the roll out time of IoT services & solutions and reduction of the impact of design and development challenges across multiple application verticals.  
•    Unparalleled solution flexibility & customization to fit diverse needs
Important flexibility is offered in terms of ease of customization of platform enabled solutions and modularity in terms of the solution make-up by reducing the dependency on technologies, protocols and devices, helping protect existing investments. 
•    Accommodating business model 
Yodiwo’s platform can be deployed on any existing cloud infrastructure, whether it is hosted on-site or on the cloud. Equally, several licensing / fee models are utilized to fit diverse business cases.
•    Easy adoption / improved productivity
Yodiwo’s platform is an all-in-one multi-tenancy environment for expedited solution & service provisioning. Staging and production environments are completely sandboxed, facilitating automatic migration between the two.
•    Tap into a growing solution marketplace and partner ecosystem
Yodiwo’s customers can exploit a spectrum of available solutions that span across several verticals and a growing ecosystem of partners that can complement offered services and maximize the received value. 
By providing extensive support for modern technologies and offering a complete set of tools and a wealth of professional services (design, development, consulting), Yodiwo’s customers benefit from a one stop shop for their end-to-end IoT needs.


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