Work is what we do, not a place to go


Groupadoo offers a search and booking engine for reliable and instant workplaces, with selectable features in more or less informal locations offered by a variety of hosts and charges users for connecting users with the providers of such workplaces.

Our vision is to revitalize cities, towns and villages into creative and dynamic centres by converting their existing “third places” into informal workplaces providing mobile workers suitable places to work and meet on the go to reduce commute time, be more productive and reconcile their professional tasks with their life commitments Our mission is to boost and ride the existing trend to work away from traditional offices and bring the workers and professionals back into the real life by offering them work locations functional to their daily tasks and purposes.

Our business model is to offer a very flexible, reliable and easy reservation option for workers on the move to find a suitable place to work and meet for just few hours or for a day without any burden of membership of recurring payments.

The Groupadoo Platform is agnostic and open to any type of workplace offers from those in the hospitality and food business wishing to optimize revenues in their off-peak hours to co-working spaces (in particular the smaller ones that see Groupadoo as a competitive broker place increasing their visibility) to any other venues that wishes to offer work spaces such as co-working spaces, offices, sport clubs, boutiques, etc. 
Groupadoo addresses also the needs of corporations seeking to reduce office costs, increase meeting room availability and offer their mobile employees more flexibility to work anywhere and anytime. The corporate customers will benefit from a selection of suitable hosts tailored to their corporate smart-working policies and preferences.