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gridComm provides extremely reliable and robust powerline communications (PLC) and hybrid PLC-RF solutions for smart street lighting and other smart city applications such as Smart Metering and Building Management System. gridComm’s strategy revolves around creating a complete future-proof Smart Street Light Sensory Network using the city’s power lines as the backbone network for connectivity, saving millions of dollars in electricity and maintenance costs per year. The same network can then be used to connect with hundreds of sensors to measure weather, pollution, traffic and many more Smart City applications. gridComm achieves this by collaborating with renowned partners such as HP Enterprise, Huawei and others. gridComm solution works out-of-the-box without having to do onsite tuning or configurations and is extremely reliable and user-friendly. Most of gridComm’s deployments have been deployed in places where bad weather, congested radio or power line interferences are obstacles to reliable communications. Our current deployments are largely in Indonesia (across more than 20 cities). Besides, we also have projects in Taiwan, Singapore, Croatia, Malaysia, Spain, Vietnam and Russia.